Kyle Cullinan – President

My background starts in my childhood love of arts and my love of computers and anything technological. Some of my earlier “masterpieces” can be found doodled in alongside my grade school history notes. I’ve always had an artistic talent, documented all the way back to kindergarten.

One day my Dad came home with something that changed the direction of my life. A Radioshack Tandy 1000 personal computer, sporting a 20 meg hard drive and 16 beautiful colors. These days, my key chain holds over 1000 times that disc space, but at the time this was “more than you’ll ever need”. Well it wasn’t the hardware specs that turned me on to computers but rather the video game he brought home with it. This was enough to spark the interest that has never left. When my grade school brought in PCs for the first time ever, I was one of the first to sign up for the new optional class. I forget what it replaced but it couldn’t possibly compete with the chance to mess around with some new computers.

Even one of my very first jobs as a teenager was very much tech related. I assembled computer boards stuffing transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc into empty boards and helped run them through the wave soldering machine before cleaning, clipping, and testing. I just may have helped build the infrared detector that opens the front door of your grocery store.

Through high school and then college I continued to develop my artistic and graphic design skills with an emphasis on how I could use computers to achieve what I was looking for.

After college I caught a break and landed a computer support job as a contractor at Merck and Co. After about a year of PC support, I was able to move departments and get back to what I really love… designing. For the next 2+ years, I designed intranet websites for various groups and divisions within Merck.

Since then I worked for two other web development companies for over five years, always learning new things, improving and pleasing clients with my skills in design and programming.

I decided it was time to go out on my own and start my own business… and Kyboo Interactive was born.

Whether building full websites, multimedia cd-roms, virtual tours, interactive learning systems, product demos, flash splash intros, or helping achieve higher rankings in the search engines and directories (search engine optimization) one thing has remained the same… my clients have always been satisfied with the end result.

I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your interactive goals. If you’re serious about success on the web and all your other interactive needs, please contact me and let me show you how Kyboo Interactive can help.

Kyboo… what does it mean?  Kyboo is merely a play on words… names actually. Part Kyle (me) and part Boober (my dog).

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