Web Design

Whether a brand new website or website redesign, Kyboo Interactive can handle it. From idea… to concept… to development… to launch… We can help give you the web presence you are looking for. Whether flash based or straight html, interactive or not, we can design and build the right website for you. You can see from our portfolio page that we can work with all shapes and sizes and budgets. In the discovery phase of a project, we will sit and talk with you about what you are looking to achieve and give you our recommendation and explain why this is the best way to achieve it.

Web Site Maintenance

So you already have a site, and you like it, but you have no one to update that content, fix that broken link, update that picture or add that new section you were thinking about… Kyboo Interactive can do it. We have worked with companies who have their own print design staff in house, but don’t have the knowledge to translate it to the web. We can work hand in hand with print designers to achieve a web presence that is perfect branding match for your print collateral.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have your site, it’s exactly how you want it to look, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to it. When you think about the question, ‘how do people find websites?’, it’s actually relatively simple. You probably go to a search engine like google, and type in key words about the thing or place you’re looking for, when the results come up, you look them over, find the one(s) that look most relevant, click the link, and you’re there. Well unless people know the exact address of the site they want, this is just about how everyone finds the site they are looking for. Some people use different search engines, and some people use directories (like yahoo) but the game is basically all the same. At Kyboo, we understand the basic concepts about how all these search engines work. We know what the search engines want to see to make your site show up in their engine. It’s more than just submitting your website to the engine, and it’s more than placing keywords in your web page’s meta tags. The art of optimizing your website for better results in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We know how this works. We know the do’s and don’ts when building a website to achieve higher rankings. It has everything to do with the content of your site, specifically the body copy, but also your links, page titles, meta tags (somewhat), and your site popularity (who’s linked to you). We can help you find the most commonly used search terms and why you should or shouldn’t use them. Let Kyboo Interactive show you how and help you achieve higher rankings.

Web Hosting

Where will the website “live”? On a web server, of course. And Kyboo Interactive can give your new website a home as well as help you acquire domain names too. We know it can all sound confusing with domain names, and servers and URL’s and so on… We understand it all, and we’re happy to explain it to you. Let Kyboo Interactive take care of all those details for you.

Flash Multimedia

A little flash can bring a static website to life. Some websites are now built entirely in flash and can be so amazing that it draws attention from way outside of your market… word of mouth is extremely powerful… so that is a good thing. But flash is more than glitz and glamour on your website. It is a powerful tool that can deliver so many things and so many different ways. As mentioned, it works wonders for websites, but it also can be used to make interactive learning systems, product demos, marketing pieces, games, screen savers and the list goes on and on…

E-mail Marketing

If you have a client or customer email list, Kyboo Interactive can design beautiful html, plain text, or html/plain text emails and then broadcast your newsletters, promotions, announcements, and marketing emails it to your email list. Once sent we can track the results and see who opened the emails and what links generated the most clicks!

– and much more!

If you’re looking to do something in this world of web design and development, but don’t see it on our list. Just ask! We might know how to do it, and we’re always eager to take on something new… and, if we can’t do it, we probably know someone who can.  Kyboo Interactive is always willing to help.

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